Our Story

Learning for Life Solutions is a dream fulfilled by its co-founders, CJ Baldelomar and Gregory Simpson. The co-founders met while at an interdisciplinary academic conference—and the rest is history! As lovers of wisdom, Baldelomar and Simpson seek to share their love for learning with a wide array of clients and audiences as education consultants in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and the humanities, including legal education. Both founders have extensive training in theology and ethics—disciplines that ground their commitment to providing organizations with optimal solutions to any obstacles that may prevent diverse organizations (high schools, universities, graduate programs, community and professional organizations, etc…) from providing the best possible education and services to their constituents.

By leveraging the expertise, experience, and passion of its co-founders, Learning for Life Solutions seeks to provide support for clients to realize their full potential as lifelong learners in a globalized world; to push the boundaries of the learning experience to maximize the clients’ learning and earning potential; to deliver products and services that place the clients’ unique needs at the center; to provide individualized training to employees, tutors, and mentors that is consistent with the co-founders’ values, beliefs, and educational philosophy; to help clients establish—through innovative curricula—clear and attainable learning objectives for each and every student and client; to serve as a think tank for how best to bridge the gap between the sciences and the humanities in order to ensure a well-rounded educational program that will meet the diverse demands of the 21stcentury; and to facilitate project goals and communications to help clients achieve their visions. Ultimately, Learning for Life’s vision is to motivate, inspire, uplift and successfully equip 10 million students with exceptional skills in STEM and the humanities, within its first 10 years of operation.

Meet the Co-Founders

Dr. Gregory Simpson


Dr. Simpson, who holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and master degrees in Theology, brings a wealth of experience and skills in program development and organizational restructuring for STEM programs in high school and undergraduate institutions, as well as in basic medical science curriculum development for medical degree programs. Dr. Simpson has trained and mentored high school, undergraduate, and medical students with individual research projects, and he has consulted with many students over the past 35 years to motivate and inspire them to reach their academic and professional goals. With his experience and expertise, Dr. Simpson oversees all consulting relating to STEM and to medicine. Of particular interest to Dr. Simpson is how to uplift students to become leaders in STEM fields efficaciously.

CJ Baldelomar


Mr. Baldelomar holds four degrees and is currently completing his fifth in International Law, Policy, and Education. He has taught religious studies, history, and English at three high schools with students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Mr. Baldelomar also has experience teaching graduate-level courses in education, and he has consulted with high schools and community education centers on curriculum development for young adults and for professional adults. A founder and former head consultant/tutor at Top College Advisors, he has mentored and tutored several students who have excelled on standardized exams and who have been admitted to the schools of their choice. Mr. Baldelomar brings his organizational and individualized consulting experience to help clients meet the challenges inherent in our increasingly complex globalized world, including issues of professional ethics, international law, and best practices for the education of diverse students.